Hydraulic coupler refueling method

Refueling method of fluid coupling

1, the working fluid for hydraulic coupler drive media, filling directly affects the amount of coupling can transfer size of the rated power,

Coupling specifications rated power range that can be achieved through changes with different filling quantity can be matched with different power motor in order to adapt

With work requirements.

2, the performance impact of working fluid coupling transmission torque capacity and safety issues. Required working fluid has a relatively high flash point,

Low pour point, high density, suitable viscosity, low corrosion resistant, not sparkling and precipitation, good lubrication, specific requirements are as follows:

Oil coupling recommended 22nd turbine oil (turbine oil), 6th hydraulic transmission oil, hydraulic transmission oil in 8th, inferior coal mine inflammable and explosive place water media couplers. Oil coupling and the coupling of water medium internal structure, security, anti-corrosion treatment are different, should not change Coupler, media use.

3, coupling spin out when filling oil injection, media GF1W0.63/0.2 filter rear coupling within the cavity is filled. After you filled in the appropriate medium, check and tighten all the grease on the coupling housing Plug and fusible plug.

4, coupling the maximum filling quantity for the total volume of the working chamber 80 respectively, fluid must never be filled otherwise run oil temperature rise, volume expansion, will result in seal failure or cracking the shell.

5, coupling the minimum total volume of oil-filled cavity volume 40 to, too little oil will cause bearing without adequate lubrication, so as to shorten the service life of the coupling.

6, the correct oil level dual-functioning is important, check the oil level regularly. Recommend to buy limited-moment fluid coupling viewers (oil sight glass), through the Viewer, without having to open the coupling, you can easily view the filling quantity.

7, when the user does not have more stringent requirements, swivel coupling shell, when oil plug rotation distance from vertical centerline of the highest point around

55 °, cavity fluid just flows can be considered as coupling can transmit higher power rating the better the oil level. Recommended users should be based on the actual size of the workload

And working conditions to adjust the amount of oil.