Hydraulic torque converter how long

According to the standard requirements, fluid couplings of life refers to the impeller or housing is damaged beyond repair to replacement of running time. Used conveyor, ball Mills, bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer machinery limited-moment fluid coupling life shall not be less than 20000h, scraper conveyor underground coal mine for the service life of hydraulic coupler shall not be less than 10000h, life of speed regulating hydraulic coupler shall not be less than 80000h.

As with other machines, hydraulic coupler should be periodic overhauls, and can't wait for all the bad in the overhaul. If you wait until all the bad in the overhaul, is likely to be the impeller, shaft, bearing and other features all damage, overhaul of not only difficult and greatly increases the maintenance cost and delay maintenance time, increase the difficulty of maintenance. The above situation. When exceptions occur when the coupling is not timely maintenance, cause damage to the impeller, shaft and other features, is ultimately coupling paralysis cannot be used, even very difficult to remove. Therefore coupling should provide reasonable overhaul period, regular checks are carried out. In order not to affect the conditions of the use, do not delay production, please be sure to reference the above recommendations