Limited-moment fluid coupling selection matches

Frist: type option: limited-moment fluid coupling type varied according to engine, matching requirements, select appropriate hydraulic coupler type, determine the selected coupling type.

Two: specification available: according to engine speed, speed and rate of shaft, speed matching the request, choosing the right coupling loop effective diameter of the selected coupling specifications.

Three: overload protection selection

(1) select to protect the engine, work overload is not damaged when overloaded coefficient. (2) select the appropriate safety devices.

Four: driving mode choice; according to engine, installation of the type and motor shaft, working machines (gearboxes) the thickness of the axis to select the wheel drive is driven by ocean shipping

Five: install connection type selection: according to power machine, machine connection requires that you select an appropriate installation and connection, connecting rides combined with nature

Six: meet environmental requirements the ability to choose: according to power, use of environmental requirements, select the coupling can be used in a particular environment. If using in coal mine explosion-proof type fluid coupling to choose.

VII: special operating conditions the ability to choose: in a machine-driven, two-speed motor drives, stops up transfers the running, delay start, frequent starting special mining operation of coupling, make a special selection.