Minimum square-liquid force even if with basic principles

Limited-moment fluid coupling (fluid coupling, hydraulic coupling) is a widely used hydraulic fluid power components. Engines (motors, diesel engines) driven coupling the pump rotation, pump impeller blades churned up the cavity of the working fluid, in the action of centrifugal, (circular motion movement and circulation) pump mechanical energy into liquid can pass to the turbine blades, Turbo and then absorb the liquid can pass. Engine and machine transmission medium is a liquid, so the advantage is unparalleled by other power connection device.

Hydraulic coupling of basic functions:

Flexible transmission, torsional vibration mitigation of impacts, isolated features, but the startup time and reduce starting current, the engine light started, around the heavy torque loads boot problems overload protection motor. And the product can be achieved by lowering the motor frame size energy saving effect.

Orders must indicate the original motive power, speed, original motor and machine shaft, high key, key width required size. Other form should indicate the diameter of the pulley, Groove, slot number, brake wheel diameter size, vertically mounted coupling is sitting upright or hanging vertical must be shown. And prime mover, work machines bore tolerances recommended users indicate use G7 tolerance, if not special base hole tolerance G7 process.

Should carefully read use instructions before installation, commissioning, but unclear advice professionals for guidance. Installation should be such that the input and output shaft hole concentricity, hydraulic coupler installation dedicated to the Assembly and disassembly tools can be ordered if required.

Hydraulic coupler used oils. Working fluid recommended: hydraulic fluid, turbine oil, 6th, 32nd oil, hydraulic transmission oil in 8th. Underground coal mines limited-moment coupling for water and fire-resistant fluids for the media.