Hydraulic Coupler Fusible Safety Protection Device

Coupler safety protection devices can be divided into an overheating protection device, overvoltage protection devices in two ways.

1, over-temperature protection device: fusible plug is coupling thermal protection device.

1) structure of hydraulic coupler fusible plug

Plug with stepped hole, hole filling in fusible alloy. Fusible plug placed in maximum diameter of hydraulic Coupler in the cavity. Fusible plug installed on the filling hole is not allowed, not allowed to intentionally or unintentionally to conventional or fusible plug welding work die instead of the fusible plug.

2) overheating protection principle

Coupling on the night when in braking or overload condition, the loss of power is converted into heat, so that rapid heating of liquid in the cavity. Dang work liquid temperature increased to by allows of limit value Shi, low melting point fusible alloy dissolved, work liquid will in centrifugal pressure role Xia from work cavity through easy melt plug small hole spray out, work cavity in the of liquid spray empty Shi, liquid couple collection device entered and output for lost work media was cut and no longer passed power, effective to protection has motor, and coupled device work and the running.

3) temperature of fusible plug selection principle

(1) from the security aspect, fusible plug temperature lower and more reliable, the resulting hydraulic coupler frequent spraying air. In ensuring the safe and normal operation conditions, the fusible plug temperature as high as possible, but the high speed seals aging and declining coupling casing pressure.

(2) working temperature must be lower than the flash point of liquids. Typically, fusible plug melting point 125 ℃, can choose when special 140 ℃.

(3) the hydraulic coupler used in an environment with explosive gas, should carefully select a fusible alloy melting point (selecting lower);

(4) the blowout preventer liquid temperature control switch to address pollution caused by coupling spray and inconvenience, our self-designed temperature switches

Liquid temperature control switch works: YOXWK-temperature switches, add a slider in the original fusible plug, heat up the slider pops up, push rod, pole push switch again the power supply is cut off or the police.

2, overvoltage protection device: explosive is hydraulic coupling of overpressure protection device.

1) explosive mainly used for water and fire resistant hydraulic fluid coupling to prevent medium pressure hydraulic couplers itself caused by the explosion.

2) easy burst plug work principle: easy burst Ramon Magsaysay body core Department pressure with a in is greater than 1.4Mpa that itself violent of easy burst alloy tablets (the alloy tablets must to this factory purchase, must note don't with other metal tablets instead of), dang reached scheduled pressure Shi, easy burst tablets rupture, work liquid and gas from coupled device in the spray out, can prevent had pressure burst.