Hydraulic Coupling Filled With Checks

Amount of filling fluid coupling

1) limited-moment fluid coupling filling quantity and transmission power is proportional to the trend, that is within a specified range of liquid-filled, larger cavity filling quantity, the transmitted torque (or speed) greater capacity and vice versa. Loadis constant, the more filling quantity, higher efficiency, greater the coupling coefficient of starting torque and overload, and vice versa.

2) certain specifications of couplers have their specific power range, called power,this power corresponding to the coupling filling quantity. Coupling filling quantity ranges for total volume 40-80%; filling ratio is less than 40%, coupling for failing toplay to its power transmission capacity but is not economic, but also because of lack of lubrication of the bearing and accelerated wear, vibration, but also easy to overheat. Filling quantity is greater than 80%, due to lack of fluid flow pattern changes in the working chamber is enough space and the impact of hydraulic coupler –overheating protection becomes poor. If the cavity is filled with a liquid, then attribute bad, more liquid thermal expansion caused by failure or hydraulic coupling shell burst. To that end, must not mistake according to the perfusion, but can not fill.

3) liquid-filled order

A) to screwed bet oil drain plug;

B) identified the desired filling quantity, with GF1W0.63/0.2 filter filter injection coupling.

C) screw on oil drain plug after commissioning, check whether the appropriate filling quantity, if not the right increases or decreases;

D) hydro-mechanical test after twisting bet oil plug, slowly turn the coupling until just from the overflow hole so far, measuring the oiling hole height from the ground, or measure the oil match angle of deviation of the vertical center line (number of available coupling bolts around calculations) and tagged, as a baseline for latercheck the liquid level.

E) finally screw on oil drain plug, you can drive.

Filling quantity check: coupling some time or fluid coupling fusible plug dissolves after the spray, need to check that the fluid is reduced, check method:

A) to screwed bet oil drain plug;

B) slowly rotating coupling to its original height or angle or tag, if there is no liquid overflow, then the liquid is not enough, should add up to just overflow;

C) screw on oil drain plug;

(1) vertical coupling fluid check; with a special oil level check;

(2) filling quantity of multi drive system checks:

(A) is in operation, the two motors drive loads, can be very uneven distribution of load, load coupling filling quantity increases or load a small coupling filling quantity is reduced, so that the motor's load balancing. In more than two motor systems,these methods are the same.

(B) when strict with synchronous drive, should seek to determine the coupling under operating conditions the output rotational speed, low speed of the output coupler appropriate liquid-filled, until the output speed so far;

(C) differential of motor start-up requirements of machinery, the coupling filling quantity can be slightly different, to achieve the purpose of the poor start.