Hydraulic Couplings With High Torque Rigidity

The hydraulic coupling is composed of a transmission pump wheel and a transmission turbine, the transmission pump wheel 1 and the Power machine shaft connection, transmission turbine 2 and pump shaft connection.

The function of the hydraulic coupling is to connect the two axes (active shaft and follower axis) in different mechanism to rotate and transmit the torque together, and some hydraulic couplings have the function of buffering, Hydraulic Couplings damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting.

The hydraulic coupling is composed of two halves, which are connected with the active shaft and the driven shaft respectively. Most of the general power machine with the help of hydraulic couplings and working machines, Hydraulic Couplings is the mechanical product shafting transmission is the most commonly used connection components.

Hydraulic coupling with high torque rigidity, 0-turn clearance, elastomer compensation manufacturing machinery in the transmission process of the two axes produced by the radial, axial, angular deviation, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics of floorband and other characteristics. For paper, metallurgy, textile, shipbuilding, agricultural machinery, transport, chemical, light industry and other industries to make a significant contribution to equipment.

Hydraulic couplings work smoothly, reliable, Hydraulic Couplings can be in a wider range of stepless speed regulation, can be self-lubricating, can make the power machine load-free start-up. Power machine speed is equal to pump speed, transmission efficiency is 95---97%, when the pump speed is reduced to 25---30%, the transmission efficiency is 68---70%, in the automatic control of the pump station, stop the pump often due to the inertia of the pump group and the backflow of water in the tube to cause the action of the hammer. However, the use of this structure, Hydraulic Couplings the need to add another hydraulic coupling and its internal oil, if the use of hydraulic coupling, the earth can reduce the water hammer (or hydraulic pump) coupling cold oil equipment, such as the more complex