The Hydraulic Coupling Works Smoothly

The core part of the hydraulic coupling consists of coupling sleeve, shearing ring, safety pipe and pressure oil

The structure and working principle of hydraulic coupling

Is a combination of a hydraulic coupling and a drum-type coupling. Hydraulic Couplings The coupling sleeve 1 is a sealed double-layer sleeve with inner and outer diameters connected to the drive shaft and the hub bore, respectively. Through the manual high-pressure pump to the pressure oil from the injection port into the connection sleeve, and then tighten the connection in the joint set on the safety tube 2, Hydraulic Couplings the high pressure oil 3 sealed in the coupling sleeve. Under the action of oil pressure, the inner and outer diameter of the coupling sleeve are respectively locked with the drive shaft and the hub, and the friction force is transferred to the torque proportional to the oil pressure in the cavity. The size of the oil pressure in the chamber can be controlled by a manual high pressure pump during installation. After the oil pressure is given, the limit value of the torque that can be transmitted (called sliding torque) is set. During operation, when the working torque is greater than the sliding torque, the coupling sleeve and the drive shaft to produce relative sliding between the top of the safety tube was associated with the axis of the shear ring 4 cut, connecting the pressure chamber oil Rapid discharge, Hydraulic Couplings oil pressure disappeared, between the coupling sleeve and the shaft between the relative sliding, torque transmission interrupt to play a security function. Replace the safety tube and re-inject the pressure oil, you can re-work.

Hydraulic coupling work safety components are not affected by fatigue factors, Hydraulic Couplings set the transmission torque stability; overload

(20ms or so), the protection performance is safe and reliable; by adjusting the injection oil pressure, can set the exact overload protection torque value; replace the safety tube to facilitate and shorten the auxiliary working hours; compact structure, low quality, easy and other Transmission components used in combination.

Hydraulic couplings work smoothly and reliably, Hydraulic Couplings in a wide range of stepless speed regulation, from the lubrication, can make the power machine without load start. Power transmission speed is equal to the pump speed, the transmission efficiency of 95 --- 97%, when the pump speed reduced to 25 --- 30%, the transmission efficiency of 68 --- 70%, in the automatic control of the pumping station, stop Pump is often due to the inertia of the pump and the tube water back caused by the role of water hammer.